DIY \\ Dip-Dye Unicorn Ombre Hair Tutorial & DixmondSG Review

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Nothing screams freedom and youth quite like unnatural hair colours do, so at the end of my 3rd year of university in May 2019, I decided to make the most of my 2-month school break to dye my hair 2 of my favourite colours – turquoise and purple, for a unicorn ombre look. (One friend dubbed my look as ‘ice-cream hair’, but I think I’ll stick with ‘unicorn hair’)

In this post, I’ll be sharing about the DixmondSG products I used, and tips for those of you who’ve always wanted to DIY crazy hair colours on a budget, complete with pictures to guide you along!

taken on my bestie’s Samsung phone; the colours look darker IRL

This isn’t the first time I’ve worn such wild hair colours; I did a turquoise dip-dye during my M1 summer vacation back in 2017, alongside the rest of my squad who had dip-dyed their hair as well.

My mum helped me DIY this hairstyle, and she was the real MVP throughout the whole process, helping me painstakingly bleach, tone and dye my hair over a few sessions. Everything was done at home, and it was so much more enjoyable and affordable than if I had gone to a salon!

I used DixmondSG’s products, which I had tried and tested (and loved!!) during my previous turquoise dip dye in 2017. I’m a loyal fan of the brand, because their products are honestly so much cheaper than one visit to the hair salon. I spent roughly $80, and I still have leftover dye for future DIY dyeing! (even though my hair is back to normal now)

What you’ll need (not sponsored btw):

  • 2x Bleach from DixmondSG
  • 1x Toner from DixmondSG
  • 1x Turquoise DixmondSG hair dye (click the link to see the colour)
  • 1x Violet DixmondSG hair dye
  • A plastic bowl for mixing the bleach (bleach powder + developer); I used a disposable plastic food container
  • Hair dyeing comb (or a spoon, which we used)
  • Plastic bags or a hair-dyeing cape
  • Vaseline
  • Aluminium foil, rubber bands (optional)
  • A shirt/top that you don’t mind getting ruined
  • A mirror (to see the back of your hair), or a friend to help out
my hair became almost Daenerys-level white after 2 rounds of bleaching & 1 round of toner

Instructions & Tips for first-timers:

  • Before you start, make sure you’re wearing a top that you’re ok with ruining, or at least cover your neck and shoulders with a cape, because you don’t want to get harmful bleach on your skin. I cut up a plastic bag and used it as a makeshift cape, cos I’m budget af. Apply Vaseline along your hairline and neck, especially if you’re doing your roots!
  • Section your hair into a few ponytails; this is especially useful if you’re DIY-ing it alone, to ensure you don’t miss out any part of your hair.
  • Bleach your hair in a well-ventilated area, since the fumes can make you feel sick. DixmondSG’s bleach smells like chocolate, instead of the acrid ammonia smell that you’d normally associate with bleach, but of course there’re still fumes, so be sure to have your windows open and the fan on!
  • The number of rounds of bleaching required depends on how easily your hair loses colour. Asian hair is supposedly harder to bleach, but mine only required 2 rounds to reach a pale orange colour, and after 1 round of toner, it became near-white. DixmondSG’s website advises up to 4 rounds of bleaching, but I’m glad I didn’t buy 4 boxes because I didn’t require that many.

(more tips below)

  • Follow the instructions on the packaging, and don’t leave the bleach on for too long (around 30 mins maximum) unless you want your hair to get fried and break off.
  • USE TONER!! I’ve seen too many people walking around with brassy/orange-hued bleached hair, instead of the white-blonde that it should be. All it takes is one round of toner to achieve the pale base colour required for further creative hair colouring.
  • Condition your hair and let it rest for a day before colouring. You could definitely do it all on the same day if you really wanted to, this is just my personal preference.
  • After applying the dye, wrap the newly-coloured sections in strips of aluminium foil . This helps soak your hair in the dye and makes sure that you don’t waste dye.

I managed to wear this unicorn hair for a full 8 weeks before my break ended and I had to return for my 4th year of med school. I won’t be able to dye my hair such wild colours ever again, due to the nature of our work, so I was pretty bummed when I had to cut it off. 😦

In memoriam:
Unicorn Hair
2019 – 2019


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