Life as a Doctor in Singapore

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Here’s the ultimate index of all the posts I’ve written about my life as a doctor in Singapore. Whether you’re a prospective applicant, medical student, doctor slaving away in the local system, or just a random stranger on the Internet, I hope you’ll find my writings in equal parts amusing, brutally honest, and relatable!

  1. Chronicles of a House Elf (Apr 2021-Jun 2022)
  2. The Great Resignation (Jul 2022 – Oct 2022)
  3. Locum Lokun Life (Nov 2022 – forever?)

Chronicles of a House Elf (Apr 2021-Jun 2022)

The Chronicles of a House Elf is a monthly series I created to motivate myself to continue blogging despite the demands and intensity of my Housemanship/intern year.

I titled it as such because I was a huge fan of Harry Potter and The Chronicles of Narnia growing up, plus I resonate greatly with the house elves in Harry Potter. Y’know, those enslaved creatures wearing potato sacks and working endlessly for minimum wage under exploitative employers.

two junior doctors surrounded by their bosses, colourised (2021)

Each monthly post was a recap of both the happier bits and uglier sides of life as a junior doctor in Singapore, because I refuse to sugarcoat the truth or hide the harsh reality of this job/lifestyle (especially for prospective medical students/their parents).

The Great Resignation (Jul 2022 – Oct 2022)

And then I decided to leave the public healthcare sector and *gasp* break my bond, the ultimate taboo. I wrote this series to elucidate my reasons and thoughts behind my life-altering decision:

Locum Lokun Life (Nov 2022 – forever?)

Although I’m no longer bound by the ticking months of Master M’s bond, I’m still going to publish a post for my new Locum Lokun Life* series on the 25/26th of every month – the date my batch started Housemanhip – because that was the milestone I counted down to month after month, checking off yet another month of slavery indentured servitude.

*locums are freelance doctors + lokun is a local slang for doctor

This is for y’all, my dear med friends (and please break free whenever possible/join me on the happier side of doctoring).

All the posts (so far):

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Here’s the ultimate Spotify playlist containing all my monthly song recs from all the blogposts above, enjoy!


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