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A classic Singaporean colloqualism is ‘good things must share’, so I figured I’d dedicate a page to highlighting some cool projects that my friends are working on; why not show them some love! 🙂

Third Spacing

Run by my good friend Ann-Hui, Third Spacing is an independent podcast by Healthcare Students for All Healthcare Professionals.

Through honest conversations, they aim to recenter the human in healthcare and change clinical care at both individual and systemic levels.

Ladyy Claire Makeup

My friend Ann is an up-and-coming makeup artist who does both Korean-style bridal makeup with Ladyy Claire Makeup and experimental makeup on her personal Insta!

Grateful World

My friend (and marketing maven) Shweta has designed her own line of gratitude journals, great for journalling or gifting!

Her journals contain inspiring quotes, daily gratitude prompts, mood & self-care trackers.

Milk Medic

If you’re lactose intolerant, why not check out my friend (and swordfighting buddy) Shao’s line of lactase enzymes over at Milk Medic?

Milk Medic helps people enjoy dairy foods without the symptoms of upset stomach associated with lactose intolerance.

spot me in the 2nd pic!
Bastion HEMA

As a medieval nerd, I attend weekly sword-fighting lessons at Bastion HEMA, a Historical European Martial Arts Academy (HEMA).

There’s plenty of weapons to choose from and fighting techniques to master, with huge emphasis placed on safety & respect, making this social sport extremely enjoyable!

Ministry of Floof Singapore

A friend of mine dabbles in digital art over at MOF, so drop her a follow if you’re into animals & art!

Medical Indemnity Insurance

Looking for medical indemnity insurance to protect yourself from legal troubles? I compared various options and eventually settled on NTUC Income’s Medical Indemnity Policy for slightly under $1.4k annually for GPs.

I’m helping my insurance agent out (he’s a nice elderly uncle), so just drop me an Instagram DM/email and I’ll pass you his details; he’ll handle the rest! 🙂

Alfonse Chiu

My dear friend and former Junior College classmate Alfonse is a talented, self-made and extremely passionate writer, artist & curator.

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