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As a child, I was an avid bookworm, but somehow lost the habit of reading over the years. In the last 2 weeks of 2022, my passion for reading was reignited after a handful of excellent book recommendations from a special someone, and I made it my 2023 resolution to read 2-4 books a month.

While feverishly making my way down the list of book recommendations, I found myself making too many highlights, and having too many thoughts spilling over into my Notes app, so I decided to turn them into full-blown book review blog posts.

Some books may be hits, some may be ‘meh’ or even outright misses. I’ll review only my favourite books, and you’ll probably find that I have a propensity for self-help or slightly melancholic-yet-inspirational fiction books. If we have similar tastes, hopefully you’ll find a couple of new books to curl up with on a lazy day.

Here’s all my book reviews & recs so far (in reverse chronological order):

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