Chasing Dreams

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Back in 2016 when I was only churning out medical school-related or travel posts on this blog, it felt like a disembodied work that was written by me, yet lacked any real reflection of me.

So I started the ‘Chasing Dreams’ series in 2018 as a little side project to share more about my dreams, ideas & values. It was initially just going to be a cute 4-part series over 4 months, but I still had more to say, and so I did.

It’s evolved into a series that chronicles my various phases of life and ever-changing thoughts over the years. I know people aren’t as interested in one random person’s thoughts as compared to my med school/doctoring posts, but I’d be content to continue this series just because I derive so much satisfaction from the process of writing it.

Welcome to the archives of this series, and hope at least some of my posts resonate with you (be sure to let me know if you liked them!)

I’ll occasionally add to this series when inspiration strikes, so if you’re interested in reading more content like this, be sure to follow me on Instagram or like my Facebook page to be updated whenever I post something new!


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