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Welcome to my new series, Chasing Careers. While on my 3-month sabbatical in Jul-Sep 2022, I was inspired to start writing about my career after leaving the public healthcare sector, and it’s especially exciting since I have no idea where any of this is headed!

I might fail, I might stumble, and I might even end up eating my words a few years down the road, who knows? But I’m going to take you along every step of my journey (spills & all), as I explore other options that are related to Medicine or not at all, with the hope of giving you practical advice, a more realistic idea of certain jobs, as well as remind you that it’s never too late to seek out fulfillment and make a career switch.

(side note, did anyone get the title of this series?? Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol is a seriously underrated song and the whole inspo behind my blog name)

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