Pre-Medical School consultation & coaching

After helping many readers & my own friends/family with Singapore medical school admissions over the years, I’ve decided to offer personal coaching services for medical school admissions to a limited number of prospective students/parents every year.

There’s something for everyone:

  • If you’re a parent or student who’s still not sure if medical school is the right path, or simply want to find out more:
    • A private Q&A session where you can ask all the questions you could possibly want about medical school (life, curriculum, how to cope), doctoring in both in the public & private sector in Singapore, or alternative career options after getting a medical degree
    • A personal consultation (more of a heart-to-heart talk, really) to hear your thoughts, dreams & misconceptions and guide you to become more confident of your choice
    • How to optimise and prepare your/your child’s portfolio years in advance for medical school, other competitive university courses or scholarships
  • An applicant or parent of a student who’s preparing to apply to either local or overseas medical schools:
    • One-to-one consultations to give you an overview of the local medical school admissions process and help you distill if going to medical school & becoming a doctor is what you really want, and discuss alternatives (overseas med school, non-med courses, scholarships, etc.)
    • Private interview coaching sessions to simulate the interview process, share what traits & buzzwords the interviewers are looking for, as well as provide you with useful tips on how to brush up your interview skills
    • CV & Personal Statement editing services to proofread, refine and add finesse to the written parts of your application

While I absolutely can’t promise a 100% acceptance rate, I genuinely want to use my personal experiences and knowledge to help guide you/your child towards their desired path, whether it’s in Medicine or not. These sessions can be done over Zoom or in-person, it’s entirely up to you! 🙂

If you’re interested in finding out more about the hourly rates for my consultations, just leave your contact details in the form below and I’ll get back to you:

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