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My friends know that I’m a Netflix addict, and the list below is what I usually send them when they ask for recommendations. So, I’ve decided to post my ultimate list of Netflix recommendations (sorted by genre) here, along with my personal rating and a short introduction of each show to help you decide which one to start binge-watching first!

Faith’s Netflix TV SERIES recommendations

(updated Jul 2019, continued in Part 2)


  • Bodyguard – Starring Richard Madden as the Home Secretary’s bodyguard, in a tense & fast-paced political drama (9/10)
  • Broadchurch – David Tennant & Olivia Coleman, need I say more? This far exceeds your average detective show, packed with twists at every turn (8.5/10)
  • Peaky Blinders – 1930’s mobster-cum-family drama set to a great soundtrack, with kickass filmography (8/10)
  • SKY Castle – A brutally honest and intriguing dramedy on education, elitism and family (9.5/10)

Dark Shows/Horror

  • Haunting of Hill House – An eerily beautiful and nuanced family drama with classic horror elements (8.5/10)
  • Hannibal – Lots of murder, gore & cooking scenes featuring Hannibal the cannibal (7/10)
  • Black Spot/Zone Blanche – A French thriller set in an isolated community surrounded by a forest in which only terrible things seem to happen (IMO this is better than Dark) (7/10)
  • Possessed – A detective & shaman attempt to defeat the ‘Big Bad’. If you’re hoping for a happy ending, skip this one (7/10)
  • Hemlock Grove – Werewolves & vampires in a not-so-PG version of Twilight (6/10)
  • You – A boyfriend with vaguely murderous vibes and severe stalker tendencies (8/10)
  • Penny Dreadful – A Victorian era horror-drama featuring classic characters like Dracula, Dorian Grey, Dr Frankenstein (and his monster) (8/10)
  • Kingdom – A high-budget Joseon era zombie show, much better than The Walking Dead (8.5/10)

Crime/True Crime

  • Mindhunter – Based on a real story about 2 FBI agents creating the very first profile of a serial killer through interviewing murderers (7/10)
  • The Sinner – You know who committed the crime, but you don’t know why. Both seasons of this psychological drama were stellar and utterly gripping (7/10)
  • American Crime Story – From the producers of American Horror Story comes an artful retelling of famous crimes and the events surrounding them (O. J. Simpson’s case in Season 1, Gianni Versace’s assassination in Season 2) (8/10)
  • Murder Mountain – A documentary about crime, missing people and the weed industry in California’s infamous Murder Mountain (5.5/10)
  • Ted Bundy tapes – A gripping and informative documentary on the Ted Bundy case, including actual footage and recordings from Bundy himself (7.5/10)
  • I Am A Killer – A docuseries featuring interviews with murderers on death row (6.5/10)
  • The Confessions Tapes – A thought-provoking true-crime show, with each episode focusing on a different case of false confessions (7.5/10)
  • Breaking Bad – An intensely emotional crime show about chemistry teacher & family man-turned drug lord, Walter White (7/10)
  • Money Heist – A Spanish crime thriller about a group of professional criminals and the execution of their heist on the Royal Mint of Spain (9/10)

Superhero genre

  • Umbrella Academy – A dysfunctional family of adopted siblings try to stop the apocalypse while being chased by time-travelling assassins…what could go wrong? (8/10)
  • The Defenders – The titular heroes of their respective Marvel shows (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage & Iron Fist) unite to go up against a shadowy criminal organisation, The Hand. I strongly recommend watching each of their shows, especially Jessica Jones & Daredevil (7.5/10)
  • The Punisher – Machine guns and bloody fist fights are some of this vigilante’s favourite things. Also part of the Marvel universe (8.5/10)
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – Over 6 seasons (and counting), Agent Coulson (MCU) and his team of SHIELD agents travel across the world, through space and time to protect humanity from various threats (6.5/10)
  • Gotham – The backstory of all the classic Batman villains and Commissioner Gordon. Set 20 years before Bruce Wayne becomes Batman (8/10)
  • Titans – A live-action version of Teen Titans, albeit much darker and grittier (7.5/10)


  • Altered Carbon – A neo-noir thriller set in a beautifully-CGI-ed dystopian future, where a skilled mercenary is hired to investigate the murder of the very man who hired him (8.5/10)
  • Black Mirror – This series needs no introduction. My favourite episodes were ‘White Christmas‘, ‘White Bear‘, Be Right Back‘, ‘USS Callister‘, ‘Nosedive‘ and ‘Black Museum(8/10)
  • Stranger Things – Mysterious things start happening in a rural town, and it’s up to a bunch of kids (and their family) to save the day (7/10)
  • Are You Human Too? – Can androids develop feelings? Starring Seo Kang Jun & Gong Seung Yeon (8/10)


  • Sex Education – A virgin ends up as sex counsellor for his peers (9/10)
  • Russian Doll – Each time she dies, she ends up in a time loop, respawning in the bathroom at her 36th birthday party (7/10)
  • Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency – A quirky, offbeat, heartfelt detective show starring Elijah Wood (7/10)
  • iZombie – A doctor-turned-zombie works at the morgue, and solves crimes by eating the deceased’s brains (7/10)
  • Santa Clarita diet – She’s a mum, wife, realtor and zombie, and she needs to eat! Starring Drew Barrymore as the ever-hungry zombie mum in this family-friendly comedy (6.5/10)
  • Happy! – A disgraced cop and an imaginary friend (a blue unicorn named Happy) teaming up to save the day from an evil children’s TV show host. Trippy, violent and hilarious (6.5/10)
  • The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – Kimmy was kidnapped and lived in a bunker for 10 years before finally escaping; watch her attempt to navigate life in NYC (6/10)


  • Grimm – What if all the creatures from fairytales and folklore roamed among us, disguised as humans? (7/10)
  • Shadowhunters – Based off The Mortal Instruments book series, featuring lots of demon slaying, fighting and cute Malec (Alec & Magnus) moments (7/10)
  • The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina – The eponymous teenage witch juggles high school, boyfriends and worshipping the Devil (7/10)
  • Goblin – Gong Yoo stars as the lonely Goblin, cursed to roam the earth until he finds his bride. A heart-wrenching and beautiful show, with a completely original premise (9.5/10)
  • A Korean Odyssey – Sunwukong (the monkey god from Journey to the West) and a girl who can see spirits fight evil together and fall in love (8.5/10)
  • Arthdal Chronicles – A Korean version of Game of Thrones, filled with betrayal and battles, but with a much better paced plot than GoT S8 (7.5/10)


(the full list of K-dramas I’ve watched + recommend can be found HERE!)

  • Abyss – 2 friends die and wake up in different bodies; they need to unravel the mystery behind the Abyss while trying to stop a serial killer (7/10)
  • Romance is a Bonus Book – A wholesome rom-com about an author getting a second chance at love with an old friend. Starring Lee Jong Suk & Lee Nayoung (7/10)
  • The Package – A kdrama filmed entirely in France, about a tour guide and the interesting backstories of each member in her tour group. It was surprisingly touching and nuanced (8/10)
  • Beauty Inside – An actress who changes into a different person once a month + a chaebol with prosopagnosia = happily ever after? (7/10)
  • Memories of Alhambra – An ambitious Augmented Reality project gone wrong, and it’s up to the CEO to (quite literally) fight his way through the problems. The ending was pretty unsatisfying though… (6.5/10)


  • Somebody Feed Phil – A food-cum-travel show hosted by Phil, a jolly gentleman who loves eating (8/10)
  • Patriot Act – Bite-sized 30-minute hosted by political commentator/comedian Hasan Minhaj (8.5/10)
  • Queer Eye – The Fab Five help transform people’s lives through makeovers, fashion upgrades, food, home renovation and self-help (9/10)
  • FYRE – Get a behind-the-scenes look of how Fyre Festival screwed up so magnificently (6.5/10)
  • Ugly Delicious – An irreverent and very ‘real’ food documentary hosted by Momofuku’s founder, chef David Chang (7/10)
  • The Chef Show – A cooking show by Jon Favreau (MCU director) & Roy Choi featuring different celebrity guests every episode (7/10)
  • Tidying Up with Marie Kondo – As a neat freak, I find it so satisfying to watch her tidy up other people’s houses (7/10)
  • Grand Designs – Ordinary people trying to design their unique dream homes on a budget (6.5/10)
  • The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes – A docuseries showcasing the most stunning properties all across the globe. *cries in poor* (7/10)
  • Back with the Ex – Ever wanted a second chance with your ex? Well apparently these people do, and this series is a rollercoaster of love, fights and…breakups. (6/10)


  • Hell’s Kitchen – Gordon Ramsay yells at everyone (6/10)
  • Blown Away – A glass-blowing competition that helps you gain an appreciation of the craft (8/10)
  • Zumbo’s Just Desserts – How do they make such pretty cakes and pastries? (8/10)
  • Sugar Rush – Yet another baking competition (6.5/10)
  • Nailed It – For the rest of us who try to make pretty desserts, but fail miserably (8/10)
  • The Final Table – A cooking show pitting elite chefs against each other (7/10)

I’m also a massive (largely mainstream) movie buff, so I’m currently attempting to compile a list of ALL the movies I’ve ever watched on Letterboxd. It’s an amazing website that lets you document which movies you’ve watched at just one click, as well as read other users’ film reviews.

You can check out my profile to see how your profile could look like once you start cataloguing all your movies! I’m only a few hundred movies in, and I’ve easily watched a thousand movies in my lifetime, so I have a lot of work cut out for me….

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Faith’s Flick Picks: Part 1 | Part 2 | K-Dramas |


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