{USA 2018} Tips on planning a vacation to Orlando & NYC

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The Chronicles of America: Our Itinerary | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 |

Disclaimer: Since no one actually reads my blog, I won’t write this as a travel guide to Orlando/NYC, so don’t expect too much detail with regard to planning or getting around/transportation. The last time I tried writing a comprehensive travel guide was for my Seoul trip, and it took way too long to write cos of all the details I included. I’ll just write these posts as travel diaries instead, so if you’re interested in getting more details, feel free to contact me and I’ll be more than happy to help you plan your dream vacation! ^_^

In April, I went on a 2-week family trip to USA to celebrate the end of my 2nd year in med school, and also to commemorate the end of my happiness – a.k.a the last month of freedom before the dreadful clinical years start (in June 2018). This is the longest vacation I’ve ever been on, so I’ll be splitting it up into many parts (maybe 10?) so that each post isn’t too lengthy.

As always, our family vacations are extremely intense and we averaged 12km of walking everyday for the 2 weeks we were there, which amounts to 3 full marathons…which is way more exercise than I do in a whole lifetime year. Anyway, before I ramble further, this is a very rough itinerary; be sure to follow this blog for more details and pictures from the trip in subsequent posts!

Our Itinerary

Day 0 // SatA full day of flying T_T


Day 1 // SunJFK ✈ MCO

Disney Springs

Day 2 // Mon°o° Magic Kingdom
Day 3 // Tue°o° EPCOT
Day 4 // Wed°o° Animal Kingdom
Day 5 // Thurs°o° Magic Kingdom (again)
Day 6 // Fri°o° Hollywood Studios
Day 7 // SatVineland Premium Outlets

Orlando International Premium Outlets

Day 8 // SunMall at Millenia

Florida Mall

Day 9 // MonUniversal Orlando

Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Day 10 // TueMCO ✈ JFK


Garment District

Times Square

Day 11 // WedGrand Central Station

Staten Island & the Statue of Liberty

Museum of Jewish Heritage


Day 12 // ThursThrift shopping

Sightseeing (Union Square, Flat Iron building, Fifth Avenue, Rockerfeller Center)

Day 13 // FriCentral Park


Day 14 // SatStill on the plane…✈
Day 15 // SunTPE ✈ SIN

Home sweet home

Day 0

Ugh. Long haul flights, where do I begin? They’re dreadful, dehydrating and tiring, but a necessary evil when you’re trying to fly halfway around the globe to get to the happiest place on earth.

Our flight from Changi was at 1pm on the 14th of April (the day after my last exam), so we woke up as per normal and then headed to the airport at 11am to check in for our flight. We were flying by EVA Air in their Premium Economy class, which is basically Economy class but with more space (seat width and pitch). It was only slightly more expensive, but the expense was certainly justifiable since we wanted to be able to sleep well and be comfortable on our long-haul flight. We had also requested and prayed hard for bulkhead seats, which we thankfully managed to get for all our 4 flights with EVA Air (Singapore to Taiwan to JFK, and even on the way back home!).

Our plane from Taipei back to Singapore. This picture is irrelevant, but the Sanrio-themed plane is cute.

After over 19 hours of flying, we arrived at JFK at 10pm local time, where a 10-hour layover awaited us. We spent 8 hours in a deserted airport, exploring empty terminals with our huge suitcases and trying not to freeze in the extremely chilly spring air. The temperature was around 5-10 degrees that night, and let’s just say that our jackets were far from sufficient to keep us warm.

Before we knew it, it was 8am and time to hop onto a domestic flight to Orlando (MCO)! We arrived at 11am, shopped for a while and had lunch at the terminal before taking a Lyft ride to our hotel, the Wyndham Garden Lake Buena Vista. We rested for a while and headed out to Disney Springs later on in the day. I’ll write more about Disney Springs, purchasing discounted park tickets and deciding between Disney hotels in the next post; stay tuned for that!

And so, that marked the beginning of our 2-week family adventure in the USA…

The Chronicles of America

This is an index of all the posts I’ve written for my US trip, hope you’ll have fun reading through all of them, but be warned: my trigger-happy self has included far too many photographs 😛

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NYC: Part 9 | Part 10

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The Chronicles of America: Our Itinerary | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 |


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