Chasing Dreams \\ on life & regrets

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Chasing Dreams is a multi-part series chronicling my thoughts, dreams & changing ideals over the years (since 2018), including burnout, quitting the rat race, migration and trying to find my path in life

This is the first of a 4-part series titled Chasing Dreams (2022 edit: we’re now at 9 parts and counting!), and it’s obviously going to be about my dreams and goals in life. 4 whole posts dedicated to myself seems pretty self-absorbed, doesn’t it?

Nevertheless, in these subsequent posts, I’ll be writing about my unconventional plans for my future, how people have reacted to those plans, as well as how I intend to make those dreams into a reality. I’m writing this down to give myself some accountability, so I can look back in the future – from my imaginary Greek seaside home as a 60y/o grandma – and see how far I’ve come in life. To my followers: you are now my unwilling accountability buddies! 😊

How many people can say they followed their hearts, and how many more end up leaving their dreams on the back-burner till it’s too late? I don’t want to be old, haggard and filled with regret at not having put in time & effort towards fulfilling my dreams when I was younger, which is why I’m so vocal in encouraging my friends & family to follow their dreams while they still have the physical capacity to do so (you never know when you’ll get sick or die).

It’s too easy to say you have a dream and just leave it at that – as just a pipe dream and never a reality. There are often too many circumstances (e.g family, finances or….adulthood) that get in the way of people’s dreams, or diversions that make them forget about the dreams of their youth. And while those circumstances are definitely legitimate and life’s problems can sometimes get too overwhelming to get out from under of, the point is not to give up on your dream, but to just keep swimming harder & faster towards that dream(assuming your dreams mean as much to you as mine do to me).

I often fear that I’ll end up as a disillusioned adult – spending my best years stuck in a job I don’t love, and merely counting down the years till I retire. I would rather die chasing my dreams for a whole year, than live a long life that devoid of joy, vibrancy & freedom. Having regrets at the end of my life – when I’m too old to chase my dreams and it’s too late to turn back time – is what I fear the most. If you give up, who’s to say that you won’t regret it when you’re lying on your deathbed?

That’s why it’s so important to me that I put my dreams first, as selfish as it may sound, because life should be about 1) giving back to the world and 2) finding personal fulfilment, in equal parts, and I feel like I’ll be able to contribute more effectively when I’ve found a niche (be it a different job or in another country)…or at least that’s the justification I tell myself whenever a twinge of guilt or self-doubt strikes.

Anyway, before this post gets too long-winded, 4 of my biggest dreams would be:

1. Migrating (living and working in another country)

2. Publishing a book

3. Travelling the world

4. Finding love/settling down

One of these dreams is not like the other (remember that Sesame Street song?), because it’s far less concrete and achievable than the other three, so in the subsequent posts, I’ll be writing mainly about my dreams of relocating, globetrotting & publishing a book, since those are things that can be controlled and worked towards. Finding love is a whole other messy ballgame that I have zero experience in…and zero luck in as well. Let’s just leave that part to fate.

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2 responses to “Chasing Dreams \\ on life & regrets”

  1. I really like this 🙂 you’re very relatable! I see some of myself within your own words & wisdom! I 100% have dreams that I want to achieve, but sometimes I find it easy to lose sight of them. I look forward to reading the rest of the series!! ☺️💕


    1. Glad you could relate to my post, the next one will be up tomorrow so do look out for it! ☺️ Keep holding onto your dreams because they make you stronger and add meaning to your life, you seem like an empowered young woman as well, so here’s to achieving our dreams/goals! 💕

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