{Shanghai-HK} Part 4: Hong Kong Disneyland

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I’ve been to HK Disneyland 4 times, but I’ll probably never get bored of visiting the ‘Happiest Place on Earth’. Anyway, this post will be pretty short since most of you would’ve been to HK Disney before…and it’s far smaller and less crowded than Shanghai’s Disney so there’s no need for any tips on how to make the most out of your day here; you can easily sit each ride multiple times, since the queue times are non-existent. So let’s jump right in!


You can easily take the metro from any part of HK to Sunny Bay station, and then transfer to a Mickey-themed train on the Disney Resort Line, which brings you to Disneyland directly.


Be sure to plan your trip the day before, so you know what time to set off from your hotel – you don’t want to be late for the park opening!


It’s another 5-minute walk from the station to the park entrance, and there’s many good photo-taking spots even before you enter the park!


We visited in May 2017, when the springtime decorations were still out in full force. Since we’ve only been to Disney during the winter months, this was a welcome change. And perhaps I’m biased I obviously am, but the air in Disneyland smelled a lot happier fresher than in the rest of HK.


We arrived slightly after the park opening, but since they don’t open the rides until 30 minutes after opening time, we managed to catch up with the (very sparse) crowd who were waiting to be ‘unleashed’ on the rides.



We headed to Tomorrowland to ride on the Iron Man Experience, Marvel’s newest 3D simulator ride. It’s a shame that Autopia had to be shut down to make way for the Stark Expo area, but the new attractions are stellar and more exciting than Autopia ever was.


The premise of the Iron Man Experience is that you’re a visitor to the Stark Expo, and all the vehicles you’ll see in the queue area are Tony Stark’s latest inventions. There are also references to Captain America and SHIELD, which only made me more excited for the ride itself.


There are multiple ‘vehicles’ for the ride, and they easily seat 40+ people each, so the queue moves pretty fast.

The simulator looks and feels like an airplane cabin

You’ll be wearing 3D glasses, and I must say that the 3D effects were really immersive and helped make the ride feel more intense than it actually was. Your vehicle flies from Disneyland to the Stark Tower in central HK, with Iron Man himself as your tour guide, then Hydra robots suddenly appear and start attacking your vehicle. The ride culminates in a battle between a large spaceship and Iron Man, with your vehicle being stuck in the middle of all the action.


Overall, I would say that it was a very exciting ride and is not likely to cause motion sickness or scare little kids, so this ride simply can’t be skipped!


We then stopped for lunch at the Tomorrowland cafe, where we saw some variety show being filmed. Had no idea who they were, and apparently neither did most visitors…guess this show isn’t HK’s version of Running Man.


All the queue times in Fantasyland averaged 10 minutes, so you can easily sit all the rides here.

It’s A Small World
The Enchanted Castle

One of my favourite Disney rides is Mystic Manor, a technologically advanced dark ride that takes you through a large manor filled with ancient artefacts that have come to life. The animatronics in this ride are hyper-realistic and it feels magical; Disney really outdid themselves for this ride, and you’ll have to ride it at least twice to catch all the small details!


We had a dinner of Indian food at the Asian restaurant located just outside the ride. Overpriced but the food was really good, so I’m not complaining.


Main Street USA was where we spent a good part of the day hiding from the heat, and shopping for even more Disney merch!

Gold-plated Star Wars statuettes
Tsum Tsum heaven :3

We caught the nightly fireworks show before leaving the park. And while this Disneyland is still pretty good, it pales in comparison to Shanghai Disney, so this visit was slightly underwhelming but still enjoyable.


In my subsequent and final post, I’ll be listing the best shopping haunts in Hong Kong, so stay tuned. Be sure to like my Facebook page and follow this blog for the latest updates!

My Shanghai-HK Trip Diary: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 |


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