{Seoul} Part 6: JYP, SM, YG Ent.

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This post is for all my fellow K-pop fans out there and contains directions to navigate your way to the various K-pop entertainment companies (JYP, FNC, YG), INFINITE’s Hapjeong dorm, and I’ll also feature a wonderful shopping paradise – COEX Mall, plus loads of pictures of SM Town Land/SMTOWN@coexartium.

I visited JYP Ent, SMTOWN@coexartium and Coex Mall in one day, and went to YG Ent the following day. These places are a mecca of sorts for us K-pop fans, so if your itinerary has a blank spot, why not make a ‘pilgrimage’  to the very buildings the idols work and train in?


You’ve been warned: this post is basically a flood of pictures and my fangirling.

Day 6

I mean the day, not the band Day6. But it just so happens that we visited JYP Entertainment, the company Day6 is signed to on our 6th day in Seoul; a pretty beautiful coincidence. If you’ve never heard of Day6, let me introduce you to their music, because they’re extremely talented and their songs hit home –>  DAY6 “Letting Go(놓아 놓아 놓아)” M/V

JYP Ent + Hallyu K-Star Road


Getting there: Myeongdong Stn –> Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Stn (Line 2) –> Wangsimni (Bundang Line) –> Apgujeong Rodeo Stn (Bundang Line, Exit 6) –>  Gangnam Tourist Info Centre –>  Kpop companies (JYP, FNC, Cube) + Hallyu K-Star Road

Can’t remember where I got this screenshot from, but credits to whoever made it!

This map shows you the rough locations of all the major entertainment companies with respect to the Apgujeong Rodeo Metro Station, so if you’re interested in checking out any of the other companies, just follow the directions in the map above!


COEX Mall + SMTOWN@coexartium

Getting there: Apgujeong Rodeo Station –> Seolleung Stn (Line 2) –> Samsung Stn (L2, Exit 5) –> COEX Mall + SM Town Land

The shopping in COEX Mall was amazing, with a lot of fresh and youthful brands selling anything from clothes & accessories to cute home decor. We spent a while shopping within the mall before heading to the wing that housed SMTOWN Land!


I’m not an SM stan, but gosh this place activated my inner fangirl as I squealed at all the very aesthetically pleasing but overpriced fan merch. A lot of autographed albums were displayed around the store; see if you can spot your bias’ autographs when you’re there!


There were even costumes & props from SNSD’s various MVs on display!


The SUM CAFE was really large, taking up the whole 4th floor of the building. It’s a really nice place to stop for a snack at, plus SM groups’ music were playing over the speakers.


They sell themed snacks and drinks, like cupcakes with different group’s names on them or bottle with custom designs for each idol group. I bought myself a SHINEE-ade, which was a lemonade drink in a plastic SHINEE bottle. Other groups’ drinks were of different flavours and designs, so get whichever group you stan!  It only cost me 9,900 won, and I’m still using the bottle as my water bottle 6 months after the trip.

my SHINEE-ade!
A literal red velvet Red Velvet cake

Day 7

YG Ent + Infinite’s neighbourhood

INFINITE is my all-time favourite K-pop group, so I was naturally excited just visiting their neighbourhood of Hapjeong, which also happens to be where YG Entertainment headquarters are. We visited the YG building first, then headed to the quaint Mecenatpolis Mall for some shopping.


I visited in July, so the first thing I saw when we were exiting the subway was this fan-sponsored advert celebrating INFINITE’s 6th year together!


We passed by a cheese tart shop on the way to YG Ent, the strawberry and the original flavours were both excellent!

Credit: Google

Getting to the YG building is fairly easy via Google Maps, but if you aren’t going to buy WiFi in Korea, basically all you have to do is use the SK gas station as your starting point. You’ll be able to see it once you get out of the subway to street level. From there, walk along the main road  for around 400m and you’ll see the second SK gas station on your right. At that point, just follow the turn right and continue walking straight down a narrower road until you see the hallowed YG building.


We even saw the building in which WINNER filmed Bandal Chingu/Half-Moon Friends in!!  We weren’t supposed to enter (of course), so I had to settle for gawking from across the road.


Across the road from the building were graffiti-covered walls with messages left by adoring fans, and the convenience store had signed posters from WINNER and BIGBANG!


We then headed back in the direction of the train station, which the Mecenatpolis Mall is conveniently located next to.The mall had the usual Korean chain stores and a massive underground supermarket, but the shopping in general was not that great. The apartments above the mall are apparently where INFINITE stays, so have fun waiting around there if you have loads of time to kill!


In the next and final part of my Seoul series, I’ll be covering the process of getting tax refunds at the airport as well as showing you around Namsan Tower and a Myeongdong cat cafe!! Oh, and do follow my Insta or Facebook page to stay up to date with my latest posts and life/travel updates!

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